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The other day, I got my first psychic chat online reading, and I have to say that I was not all that pleased with the results. Sure, the psychic chat online knew my name and my birthday, and my astrological sign, but I had to fill all of that in on the registration page. Part of me thought about lying about these things, to see if the psychic chat online really knew what he or she (it turned out to be a she) was talking about, but it seemed like not the best idea. After all, if I had the power to read minds and see the future, I doubt that I would waste it on people with no faith in my abilities. Anyone testing me, I would probably allow to go away smugly believing that they had caught me out, and therefore themselves be unable to benefit from the fruits of my awesome power. Then again, if I had the ability to see the future and read minds, I doubt I would give psychic readings online.

Anyway, the stuff my psychic chat online told me was all pretty basic. She said that I sometimes got confused about myself, trying to be an extrovert, and feeling like an extrovert, and at the same time having this introverted side to me too. It was a big theme of her psychic chat online reading, how there are really these two parts of me – this one part that I share with everybody that is a very social side, and then this other part that I only keep to myself. I guess that that part of the reading impressed me a lot. I mean, I had never told anyone, but that is how I’ve always felt. I’ve always seemed to have two parts to me which never could quite get along, and to have a total stranger know this without even meeting me was pretty amazing.

Other parts of the psychic chat online predictions impressed me less, though. She told me, for example, that I had been having trouble in love or luck, but that soon my luck would turn around and I would have all of the companionship that I desired. In fact, I had been very lucky lately, and had even fallen in love with a girl. I even got a pay raise, which is why I had the money to consult the psychic chat online in the first place.

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