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Do you believe we are true? “Psychics?”?

Problem by Stesie: Do you feel we are true? “Psychics?”?
I will not consider my self Psychic. I see spirits as if they had been a actual person, I cannot talk and hear and really feel them. I can experience their power. I don’t converse to them though. I have always been like this, My loved ones knows and some occasions they see far too but with me the 2nd latest born into the loved ones I can’t like flip it off or whichever. When I dream, I see the long term. Not every single night though, The nights I don’t sleep I’m frequently restless or never have desires at all. All my visions have come true. I maintain a top secret from practically everyone out aspect of my family, But right here my identification is sealed.
I’m only thirteen. I just want thoughts and remember to do not be rude.

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Remedy by BlackGuyJack
I do not know about the seeing the spirts point but when you sleep and see the Future which is called deja vu nearly each and every one in the earth has it.

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    2 Responses to “Do you believe we are true? “Psychics?”?”

    • missy:

      well i actually never thought it was possible. but from what you have told me is clearly true. i completely believe you but i think you are asking the wrong people instead of asking us you should talk to your family or a school counselor or even a collage science professor. hey don’t get me wrong i do believe in psychics but im only 13 as well so i don’t have that much life experience. although an 80 year old just might. Lol

    • diana from tarot reading:

      Always be careful with visions. In fact only a few people seems to really have psychic reading ability and nothing is proven. In many cases when one person say she has visions she does not lie but if she takes time to dig a little she usually find answers about the origin of her vision. Be careful, step back and take time to think about it and your life.

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